About us

The Brunimmobiliare Real Estate Agency operates in the Real Estate Buying and Selling sector since 2009 on an Exclusive Mandate by its customers, this Modus Operandi, guarantees maximum fairness from both Parties. The portfolio of real estate announcements, consisting of the Private Negotiations in the Agency include the properties for sale outside the real estate market or those not advertised on the site and on the social networks due to the manifestation of customer privacy.

With many years of experience, the Brunimmobiliare Real Estate Agency has created partnerships with the major Real Estate operators at local, regional and national level.

We offer only Luxury and High Class properties, after careful selection.

We invite you to contact us at the address: +39 380 3854888 and / or pass by our offices in Vibo Valentia to search together the best solution and / or opportunity for purchase / real estate investment for you.